Bird Sightings at Casa del Quetzal

Bird sightings and bird watching in Puerto Vallarta is growing in popularity thanks to the wide variety that live in the nearby marshes and mountains.

Puerto Vallarta is home to over 400 species of birds including the Quetzal, the bird from which our luxury villa was named. The Quetzal, known for its stately elegance, is considered to be the bird of royalty throughout Mexico and much of Central America. In fact, Montezuma’s headdress was made of Quetzal feathers as well as gold and precious stones.

If you’d like to join in the bird watching enthusiasm, our concierge will make arrangements for a personalized and professional bird watching excursion.

Commonly seen birds from the villa include:

  • Cacique
  • Chuparosas (Hummingbirds)
  • Chachalaca
  • Elegant Trogan
  • Citroline Trogon
  • San Blas Jay
  • Military Macaws (Guyaacama)
  • Orange Fronted Parakeet
  • Rufous Motmot
  • Golden Cheeked Woodpecker
  • Greater Kisskadee
  • Social Flycatcher

We provide binoculars and a telescope for your bird watching enjoyment.